The Republican National Committee (RNC) has announce that the second GOP presidential debate is schedule To take region on the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on September 27 in California. Fox Business will serve as the primary broadcaster for the event. Univision and Rumble will also collaborate with Fox Business to host the debate.

Broadcast Partners and Primary Debates

Fox Business will oversee the broadcast of the first two Republican presidential primary debates. The initial debate is set to air on Fox News on August 23 in Milwaukee.

RNC’s Candidate Pledge

The RNC has introduced a candidate pledge that outlines the terms for participation in its debates. This pledge includes provisions such as abstaining from unsanctioned debates, committing to support the Republican nominee in the general election, and refraining from running as an independent candidate or on another party’s ticket. The pledge is aim at ensuring the party’s unity and adherence to sanction events.

Candidate Responses and Signings

According to sources, Vivek Ramaswamy and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have signed the RNC loyalty pledge. Other candidates are expect to sign the pledge in the coming week. However, former President Donald Trump has indicated that he does not plan to sign the loyalty pledge. He has mention that his attendance at the first primary debate will be announce in the upcoming week. Former Texas Representative Will Hurd, who has not yet met the donor and polling criteria for debate qualification, stated his decision not to sign the pledge.

An Evolving Landscape

As the Republican Party prepares for its primary debates, the dynamics of candidate participation, loyalty, and adherence to party rules continue to shape the political landscape. The partnership with Fox Business, Univision, and Rumble reflects the party’s efforts to engage a diverse audience and foster discussions among the Republican candidates vying for the presidential nomination.

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