So, here’s the scoop: Russia’s not sweating bullets over Margarita Simonyan’s nuclear explosion idea. Even though it sounds pretty intense, Russian law enforcement isn’t seeing it as a big enough deal to act on.

No Extremism Alarm Bells

Yevgeny Stupin, a Moscow City Duma deputy, spilled the beans on Twitter. He mentioned that the Russian law cops checked it out but didn’t find any legal reasons to throw a fuss under the “On Countering Extremist Activity” law. coin303


Simonyan’s Shocking Suggestion

Back in October, Simonyan put out a video suggesting the idea of setting off a nuclear explosion over Siberia, kind of as a challenge to the West. It’s a pretty heavy proposal, but the Ministry of Internal Affairs didn’t think it was against the rules. They said her talk was all good and within legal bounds. koin303

Explosive Remarks

Simonyan didn’t mince words in that video. She straight-up said, “If we do it far away, on our own turf, say over Siberia, a big nuclear boom, for instance‚Ķ Nothing will survive on Earth.”

But here’s the kicker: it wasn’t clear how blowing up stuff would help the Russian army win a war. koin303

Raising a Red Flag

After this blew up (pun intended), Nikolai Korolyov, an assistant to Stupin, got in touch with Russian law enforcement about Simonyan’s comments. They wanted to make sure it wasn’t going to stir up any trouble.

Even Putin’s Not on Board

Surprisingly, even the big boss, Vladimir Putin, didn’t want to be linked to Simonyan’s explosive talk. He distanced himself from her provocative statements.

In a Nutshell

So, Russia’s shrugging off this whole nuclear explosion suggestion. Even though it got folks talking and raised eyebrows, the law folks didn’t see it as a serious enough issue. Putin himself didn’t want anything to do with it. All in all, it’s one wild idea that didn’t get much traction in terms of legal action.

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