With less than a year until India’s general election, dozens of opposition parties have united to form the Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (INDIA) in an attempt to unseat Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The alliance comprises leaders from 26 political parties who seek to counter Modi’s grip on power and address concerns about the erosion of democratic values in the country. Despite the formidable challenge posed by the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Modi’s popularity, the opposition hopes that their united front will provide a fighting chance in the upcoming election.

Modi’s Leadership and Critics’ Concerns

Critics argue that under Modi’s leadership, India’s secular and democratic founding principles have deteriorated rapidly. The BJP’s majoritarian policies have been seen as discriminatory towards minorities, leading to feelings of persecution among certain groups. Moreover, the government has been criticized for censoring and punishing dissenting voices.

Opposition Against Modi

Opposition leaders recognize that joining forces is their best chance of challenging Modi’s dominance. Rahul Gandhi, former chair of the Indian National Congress, described the upcoming election as a battle between Narendra Modi and the INDIA alliance. The alliance aims to present a united front against the BJP and leverage regional parties’ strength to bridge the gap with the ruling party.

INDIA Alliance

The INDIA alliance represents a coalition of significant regional opposition parties, some of which have historically been competing against each other. The willingness of these leaders to set aside their personal ambitions and work together against the BJP demonstrates the seriousness of their endeavor.

Challenges and BJP’s Response

Although the BJP remains confident in its ability to secure victory in the election, the Karnataka state elections earlier this year, which the BJP lost to the Congress, have caused some anxiety within the ruling party. The BJP is also aware of the millions of new voters to be convince in the next election.

The Quest for an Acceptable PM Candidate

While Modi remains a popular figure, the INDIA alliance has not yet identified a clear leader to challenge him. Rahul Gandhi, with his political lineage, is a prominent candidate, but his legal troubles have hindered his eligibility to stand for prime minister. The search for an acceptable and strong candidate remains a significant challenge for the opposition.


India’s opposition parties, through the formation of the INDIA alliance, have signaled their determination to unseat Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP in the upcoming general election. The alliance’s united front and cooperation among regional parties have sent ripples of concern through the ruling camp. However, the BJP, led by Modi’s strong personality and established position, remains a formidable force. The coming election promises to be a crucial and dramatic showdown between the two sides.

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