In a heartwarming collaboration, four young guests from the Kids with Cancer Society had the exceptional opportunity to step into the shoes of reporters at Global Edmonton. Thanks to a generous $18,000 donation by the David and Tricia Feigel family and Qualico Communities, these special guests were immersed in the world of journalism for a day. Aaryan, Hudson, Olivia, and Cecily, aged between 10 and 12, joined the newsroom’s activities, gaining firsthand experience as reporters.

A Day in the Newsroom:

The bustling Global Edmonton newsroom welcomed the young guests, who spent the day as reporters. The experience began with a tour of the newsroom, followed by observing the production process from the control room during the noon news segment. They then had the opportunity to interact with anchors Vinesh Pratap and Su-Ling Goh in the studio.

An Inspired Initiative:

The initiative was made possible through the collaboration between the Kids with Cancer Society, the David and Tricia Feigel family, and Qualico Communities. An $18,000 contribution enabled these young reporters to partake in this immersive experience, allowing them to temporarily step away from their health challenges and delve into the world of journalism.

Mentoring and Reporting:

Carole Anne Devaney, a seasoned journalist, guided the young reporters through the process. They were task with a unique assignment: determining the tallest person at Global Edmonton. The young reporters interviewed staff members, collecting measurements from anchors, producers, writers, and editors in a playful and engaging manner.

Finding the Tallest Person:

The young reporters embarked on a mission to identify the tallest individual among the Global Edmonton team. Initially, they discovered a tie between producer James Burford and editing supervisor Fred Anderson, both measuring six feet, three inches. However, their search led them to weather specialist Phil Darlington, who measured an impressive six feet, six inches.

Profiles of Resilience:

The Kids with Cancer Society offers invaluable support and services to children and families residing in northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories. Each of the young reporters has shown incredible strength in the face of their health challenges.

  • Olivia, 12, who underwent treatment for a brain tumor, is passionate about math and social studies. She loves fries, pizza, drawing, and reading.
  • Cecily, diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2020, embraces life fully with a love for gymnastics, singing, dancing, the Edmonton Oilers, and adventures.
  • Aaryan, a leukemia survivor, has a deep love for soccer, Pok√©mon cards, cheese pizza, bubble tea, and playing with his younger sister.
  • Hudson, having triumphed over Stage 3 Burkitt’s lymphoma, enjoys video games, Lego, and reading as he embarks on a new phase.

A Heartwarming Collaboration:

The collaboration between the Kids with Cancer Society and Global Edmonton exemplifies the power of community, compassion, and shared experiences. This remarkable endeavor not only offered these young individuals a unique and joyful day but also emphasized the importance of supporting and empowering children facing health challenges.

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